Friday Photo: Matt-fjords-crazy and a story of filenames


I named the file for this photo Matt-fjords-crazy.jpg. There’s quite a logic to it, despite what you may think. First, I keep a separate collection of photos with me in them on my computer under the Pictures folder. I started doing this after I realized how annoying it was to have to search through all of my photos (which are organized chronologically by year in folders, then sub-folders for each day that I took photos with my Nikon D90 and imported them into Adobe Lightroom…it’s a great system, just occasionally over organized!) anytime I needed to quicklyfind a photo for an online bio, profile pic, or avatar.

All the photos are named “Matt-whatever-whatever” so I can quickly remember where the photo was taken and whether or not the photo is professional quality or not. Compare the above (Matt-fjords-crazy) with below (Matt-Staten-Island-Ferry), which, although my face is partly covered by a camera is nonetheless a more serious photograph.

A photo of Matt on the Staten Island Ferry as he photographs the Statue of Liberty. Photo by Karen Cook. How many more times can I squeeze the word photo into this caption?

Anyway, the “crazy” part of the file should be self explanatory. The “fjords” part comes from the location where this was shot: on a hike from Myrdal down to Flåm (Norway) or a part of the 2012 Norway fieldwork that I collectively remember as “the fjords trip.” How catchy. Anyway, I taught on Norway and the Nordic countries today in Geography 101, so in honor of that, I give you Matt-fjords-crazy.

Speaking of photos, I’ve been doing a better job lately of regularly uploading a photo (on average, one a day — OMGOSH!) to my preferred photography sharing site, 500px. If you are interested in seeing some that you may have missed, head on over to

One thought on “Friday Photo: Matt-fjords-crazy and a story of filenames”

  1. Now the title makes sense! The Staten Island photo is still one of my favorites. Did you show the above photo in class this week? 🙂



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