Sunday… (Funday?) and a Tingly Tingle

It’s Sunday. Super Bowl, Ground Hog Sunday. It’s kind of a strange combination, so why not be a little strange and write a blog post on a Sunday? In case you are wondering, I have no idea who came up with the idea of “Sunday Funday,” but I do wonder if those people are chronic church-avoiders. I’m not saying that being at church on Sundays isn’t fun (hardly the case, I would argue), but usually when you see people’s photos on Facebook or Twitter with a #sundayfunday — they’re doing something like mountain climbing or spelunking.

As for me, I’m currently waiting 15 minutes to brush my teeth and shower before heading to church. Why? Because I woke up with a slight tingly tingle in my throat. And when that happens, I get paranoid. I would really like to believe that that tingly tingle is from talking too much and too loud both yesterday (double shift at the restaurant) and Friday (grad student happy hour at one of the loudest restaurants in Knoxville). However, given that Karen has had her second cold since Christmas this week, paranoia is perfectly justified. So I’m waiting 15 minutes to have water because that’s what the generic Cold-EEZE-like zinc product I just took said to do. (And those things taste pretty gross. Combination of orange or other citrus flavor and the metallic hint of zinc. Yum. Anyone who can hold out and not drink something for 15 minutes after letting the thing dissolve in your mouth…we’re a rare breed.)

Time’s almost up!

One thought on “Sunday… (Funday?) and a Tingly Tingle”

  1. Then you’ll be in good company tonight; although I’m feeling better, I’m not completely well either — and your dad is worse. We can all sit around and cough and blow noses together! Another Funday family activity!


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