2022 “A Farewell to Arms” Recital Program PDF

2020 “Songs of Longing and Memory” Concert Program PDF

2019 “Europe through Song” Recital Program PDF

Works in Progress

[This section is for recent recordings, perhaps from voice lessons/accompanist rehearsal or other live performances—a demonstration of the on-going, always-in-progress nature of the art of singing. These recordings are meant to remind us that art has no finish lines, only starting points and building blocks.]

First up is a recording from a voice lesson in October 2019. Obviously, being in a voice lesson is not the same as being in the recording studio, and I can easily find about three dozen things that need work (in a two-minute song, no less!) but I love English art song and continue to work on crafting it into the most beautiful work I can possibly sing.

Thomas Dunhill—The Cloths of Heaven
Dr. Matthew Cook, Tenor
Mark Loring, Piano

Geographic Musings

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