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Water, water…

Live, from the Dixie, it’s Tuesday night!

I’m sitting in the basement of the Dixie Carter, set to perform in under an hour for the West Tennessee Higher Education Symposium’s annual choral festival. As interesting as that is…it’s mostly hot and crowded.

Which leads me to my point: Water is amazing.

I realize that was a poor transition. Get over it.

I’ve been meaning to blog for the last two weeks about how amazing water is. Meteorology in particular has heightened my awe of the precious molecule H2O.

I drink around two to three liters of water a day. People say that is great. I say they should drink more (cough cough, Karen…) The body is made of what, 50 to 70 percent water? And yet, people pump themselves full of dehydrating carbonated sugar water (e.g. soda) instead of the good stuff. Granted, I’m a little susceptible to the ole Diet Dr. Pepper, but I still drink water like it’s going out of style.

But water does more than just fill our bodies and make us feel guilty about not drinking enough at New Years.

Water destroys mountains. Water fills deltas and river beds with silt, making regions like the Nile, the Rhein and the Mississippi fertile enough to support millions of people through agricultural production.

Water makes geologists and physical geographers look bad, because their precious rocks and landforms are no match for water. Most earth scientists will claim that they embrace water’s effects, but I suspect they are just covering their envy of its power.

Basically, water makes me happy…so respect that.