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Visualizing the Weekend Ahead

I know I often post tweets or blogs about how busy I am, but since I made a to-do list today on a digital sticky note (gotta love Macs) I thought I would post it for everyone to see what I’m doing between the time this is written and Sunday night. The good news is that not all of this has to be done by Monday, but most of it is due by Tuesday or Wednesday.

I have a feeling this won’t make sense to a lot of you, considering this is a mixture of putting together a rough draft of my senior communications portfolio, a Communications law test, Photojournalism assignment, Comm and the World Wide Web project, and Scholars project writing. Whew.

To Do:
Finish Berlin’s 4-5 lives
Photo Essay Topic Brainstorm
Examine Comm Law Study Guide – Determine what to study/read
Gather 20 oldest portfolio clips and put in template with art.
Study Session I – Comm Law
Finish personal Web page template
Write Berlin’s 6-7 lives
Make Divider Pages and Executive Summaries in Indesign
Study Session II – Comm Law
Finish Berlin’s 8-9 lives
Gather 20 more clips and put in template with art.
Finish personal Web page content
Write Berlin’s 10th life
Gather remaining clips (20-30 stories + editorials)
Copy Edit
Gather published photos and any other docs needed for portfolio
Print portfolio
Study Session III – Comm Law

At some point: Make sure The Pacer is ok, go to church, sleep.

In other news, Karen and I signed for an apartment today and got a lot of wedding planning stuff done this week, so that’s a little less stress on our plates now.