Time flies when you’re having fun… in Berlin!

Seriously, I need time to slow down. It’s already Day 5 of being in Berlin, and I feel like we haven’t accomplished much yet!

Sunday and Monday are pretty much excusable because of jet lag. I thought I might be doing myself a favor by being a grad student – used to less sleep and such – but it really just meant that there was no chance I could sleep on the plane from D.C. to Brussels. My normal bed time of 12 a.m. is 6 a.m. here in Berlin. So that’s no good, but I think I’m getting closer to adjusted now. That’s a really good thing, because so far if I had to give a synopsis of the trip so far it would something like:

  • Sunday: Arrival, jet lag
  • Monday: Jet lag, grocery shopping, exploring Alexanderplatz, IKEA, Skyping into my 641 seminar until way to late at night here
  • Tuesday: Woke up at 11:30 a.m. Blasted blackout curtains/jet lag. Back over to Alexanderplatz to buy a printer and some other supplies. Attempted to go bed at a normal time. Laid away until 4 a.m.
  • Wednesday: Woke up at 11 a.m. Still jet lagged? I felt that at least my natural wake up time was shifting the correct way (backward).

Yesterday I was determined to get some real work accomplished, despite the cold weather and threat of rain all day. So Karen and I walked around our neighborhood (Prenzlauerberg, part of the Pankow district) and identified five sites to do observations of pedestrians interacting with Stolpersteine. I’ll be doing this in other districts as well over the next several days. Then I took Karen to The Story of Berlin, a history museum that focuses solely on Berlin. On the way, we took the subway stop at the zoo and the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church – and I couldn’t believe my eyes when we got there! They are currently tearing down an old shopping building next to the zoo, and on top of that, the entire memorial church cannot be seen because they are about to start a renovation project on it this summer.

Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche, May 2011

For now, I’ve got to sign off and get to work, but I’ve uploaded some photos of our apartment to Facebook to appease everyone. It seems that Karen may not get around to it!

3 thoughts on “Time flies when you’re having fun… in Berlin!”

  1. Thanks for blogging & posting pics!! Just to make you feel better, it has been rainy & cool here with lows close to the 30’s!! We are turning a corner today & next week will be HOT…upper 80’s! Is the above pic one of your apartment?


  2. Loved the photos of your pad! How neat it is! Hope today is more normal for you with less jet lag. They say it’s harder to adjust to change as you grow older…now you’re finding out that it’s TRUE.

    So, things in Germany evolve and change [there’s that word again] just like in the States…sorry you can’t show Karen the church. You’ll just have to travel back next year.


  3. Anita – this is the memorial church surrounded by scaffolding and stuff. I haven’t taken a photo of the outside of our building yet – hadn’t thought to do it yet! Guess I’ll have to get one now!


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