Surprise Choral Concert

Now that we’re safely home I can tell you about our unexpected choir concert tonight! The New Pacer Singers are currently on tour in Tennessee, and while Karen and I knew they are not scheduled to sing in Knoxville on this tour, we were planning to go with them to hear them sing at a nearby high school tomorrow. Well, courtesy of the inclement weather, our usual Monday night activities with the Knoxville Choral Society were canceled, so we drove the 1.5 hours (more like 2 with the snowy conditions) to Cookeville to hear them sing at Tennessee Tech.

It was completely worth it! Dr. Simmons has expanded New Pacers into a 40-member touring ensemble, and they are performing some very difficult pieces, including the 40-part Tallis piece “Spem in Allium.” I hope to have some acceptable-quality photos or videos to post from the concert.

For those wondering, I-40 conditions were not a problem at all. The hardest part of the drive was getting in and out of our neighborhood!

3 thoughts on “Surprise Choral Concert”

  1. Yay! Guess Dr. Simmons was surprised to see ya’ll! Are you still going to the high school concert tomorrow? I’m glad I went to their dessert evening in October. As always, I thought they did a great job!


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