Vacationing and Moving

Two things that don’t mix all that well.

Vacationing and moving. I don’t recommend going straight from one into the other, but in our case this month, going from our vacation with Karen’s family out to Wyoming just worked out flowing straight into moving to Knoxville. It can be a little bit of a whirlwind, which is why I now can say that I don’t recommend it. I’m still partially living out of a suitcase, and have been for three weeks now. That does get a tad bit old.

However, we are making progress on setting up our home. We have the kitchen pretty much completely done, and everything that is going into storage is already there. The bathroom and bedroom are partially done, but they (like everything else) are waiting for some Ikea furniture to be complete. We hope to go to Ikea in Atlanta soon, but the weather hasn’t cooperated this weekend. As in, we were planning to go yesterday (Friday) but then there was a big chance of rain, and sure enough, we got a pretty good pounding. Then today turned out beautiful. So of course we didn’t plan to go, since there was a chance of rain. Grr. Next week it’s suppose to rain some more, too. Oh joy.

The living room is in the worst shape. It resembles a hall way from the kitchen to the office in that there is basically a 3-foot-wide path from one assortment of boxes on one side to the other collection of boxes through which we can manage to walk around. It needs several things from Ikea to be finished, not to mention the boxes cleared away. The office is taking shape, though probably not in its final form. We’ve pieced together a rough corner of the living room with our two desks forming a square with two walls though Karen tells me this isn’t staying quite like this. At least I’ve found enough of my desk stuff to establish some sort of working area, because it’s surprising all the things that need to be done when one moves!

As for vacation, it was marvelous, despite the many, many hours of driving that were necessary to enjoy it. I think Karen and I will fly next time…More details will be shared in photos.

As I find time, I’ll get some photos up from vacation and the move in/final layout of the flat. I may get move in photos up sooner just so everyone can see how things are going here. Vacation photos have fallen in the queue behind photos from all of last year going back to our honeymoon…. Just too busy to Flickr lately!

3 thoughts on “Vacationing and Moving”

  1. I bet this will be the last vacation/move you ever do! 122 boxes and you’ve only been married a little over a year? Wow, that’s a lot. Just set up your basics and don’t worry about the other stuff. It will all come together in time. I know you’ll be glad to get some furniture soon.
    We’ve been dragging around in the humidity and resting from the trip. Gregg’s had to take it easy with his wisdom teeth surgery, and he had a dry socket. Not fun, but he was pleased to find out he made a 5 on his AP Geography test. I’ve managed to get all1,324 trip photos in iphoto. Kids just reminded me school starts back 1 month from today – Nooooo!


  2. Hey! Besides the moving issues…how are yall liking Knoxville so far? I live in Lenoir City which is a just a little bit outside of Knoxville if ya’ll need anything feel free to ask!


  3. I love how you’ve posted 1,987 tweets…that’s the same number as your birth year! Would love to see photos of your progress in unpacking…


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