More Scholars Project Thoughts

I had a scary realization today.

I have approximately five more meetings (going by the current schedule) with Dr. Rogers until I defend my University Scholars project. This means that insanity might be setting in a little more often in the next month and a half. I work well under deadlines; everybody knows that… but this is one heck of a deadline.

So the moral of the story is that I’m almost to the point where I have to drop everything but the essentials. Sorry if I seem unavailable until May 9 (graduation). That’s just how it has to be. Life after I defend my project (don’t have an exact date yet — I’m shooting for as late in April as possible) will be miserable if I don’t shoot for as high as standard as I want to because so many other things got in the way. That’s my spiel and I’m sticking to it.

5 thoughts on “More Scholars Project Thoughts”

  1. Hm. So glad I’m not a scholar. Though you guys do get paid very, very well. That I do envy, the not so much.I’m sure everything will pull together fine. Though, I do remember practically everyone last year at this time that I knew who was finishing up a scholars project, hibernated for what seemed like an eternity. Good Luck!


  2. Matt — You’ve got a lot of good work already completed. So, do not panic but do not procrastinate. Keep the thesis and outline of the project on a piece of paper by your side to help you maintain your thematic focus. Set aside some time each and every day to write one or two paragraphs; it will really add up in a short amount of time. I am confident this project will end up being a fine piece of scholarship and positively reflect your abilities and potential. Advice from G. O’Graffer.


  3. Just remember:1. Breathe2. Do the best you can without killing yourself.3. Unless your mentor is a jerk, which Dr. Rogers is not, your defense will be a breeze with a little preparedness. You know 10x more on your subject than everyone else in the room.4. Use PowerPoint. They love pretty pictures đŸ™‚


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