Berlin Day Five – Lazy Evening

Well as luck would have it when I walked out of the hotel after my nap for lunch, it was raining. Not a great soaking rain, but more of a Seattle rain-drizzle-mist. I kinda like those, so it ended up being okay that I left my rain jacket up in my room.

I walked down the block and around the corner to try a different restaurant on Pariserstrasse (where I ate Saturday evening). I sat down outside at a restaurant called Solo and waited for the waitress to bring a menu. (Note: almost all of the outdoor cafes and restaurants have large awnings covering their outdoor seating.)

I ordered a grilled chicken salad that came with lots of vegetables so I could hopefully fight off my low-blood sugar/lack of nutrition thing. I felt better before I had even finished. The rain had picked up to slightly more than a drizzle so I hastily walked back to the hotel and began to work on uploading photos (which are now online, by the way.)

The rain has continued most of the afternoon, so I just stayed here and talked to Karen and worked on my photos. Per Dr. Rogers’s advice, I planned extra days for weather into my schedule, so it’s easy enough to just shift what few plans I had for today over to Saturday and declare today a trip-holiday.

Not much else is going on, aside from the group of elephants still occupying the building. Seriously, is it really necessary to stomp around the hotel and talk obnoxiously loud? A few minutes ago a group of them tried my door handle wondering if it was a bathroom; no geniuses, those are around the corner…and are clearly labeled. At least the doors have effective locks.

That’s probably all for today, folks, so expect to hear from me tomorrow!

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