Berlin Day Three – Morning

This morning I got up late (around 9) because I was tired after staying up to blog/post pictures to Flickr/talk to Karen on Skype. I got ready and ate breakfast — they had Brötchen today! but still no Nutella. Then I went to the nearest Deutsche Post retail store to buy a stamp for my postcard and send it to Dennis’s Oma and Opa. It’s only a year late; think they will mind?

Then I went phone hunting. There are no less than three T-mobile stores on the Ku’damm, but the first one I stopped at didn’t have any cheap prepaid phones (all were over 50 Euros), so I kept walking east on Ku’damm (like I did yesterday) and decided I should go to Saturn (the electronics store). I’m really glad I went, because the place is (as I suspected) HUGE! I would have so much fun in Saturn if I lived here permanently.

I quickly found the Handy section and began to look at the prepaid phones (German’s call cell phones handys). There were a lot of options and prices so I went with the cheapest – 15 Euros. If I understood the sign correctly, the Vodafone SIM card that comes with the phone is good for 465 hours of connectivity to the Vodafone cell towers and 10 hours of talk time – plenty for me to talk to Dr. Rogers when he gets here later this week.

I don’t know if I could even receive international calls or how many minutes it would cost me, but if you want to give it a shot I’ll e-mail you my number (don’t want to post it for the world to see or anything.)

After I bought the phone, I went to a Plus (grocery store) and bought a few snacks to keep around my hotel room for when I get hungry between meals.

I’m not sure what my afternoon plans are yet. It’s already 1:30 and though there were partly cloudy/mostly sunny skies this morning, the past hour or two have been overcast.

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