Mindful & Expressive: Photography Outlets

Using photography is a great creative outlet to capture moments worth remembering & can be treated as a fine art.


During the three weeks of the Mindful & Expressive program, families can dedicate one week to photography on any topic! Some examples include but not limited to: family portraits, landscapes, pets, costumes, or a photo theme.

Step 1

Families will choose two days in one week that works best for all of them to take photographs—either in the home or off to another location!

Camera equipment isn’t too important here—use a point and shoot, digital camera, or a camera on your phone.

Step 2

Experiment photographing objects around the home and work to create environments that are fun/without creative restrictions.

The atmosphere should be a welcoming one with no tension between members of the family.

The program recommends one of the photo shoot sessions should be a family portrait. This is an opportunity for the family to coordinate in style & gathers everyone for a wonderful family photo capturing a fun & creative moment!

Step 3

After going out (or staying in!) for your group photo shoot on the first day, each family member should choose their own favorite photos.

During the second day’s activity, we recommend families gather around the table (dinner table, living room, coffee table—you name it) with their cameras, computers, or i-devices to share their favorites. Take turns explaining why you photographed the scene or object and discuss how the activity made you feel.

Pinterest is always a wonderful place to jump-start ideas for photography inspiration or writing prompts!

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