Mindful & Expressive: Art @ Home—Family Slogan

Don’t have a family saying or slogan? Here’s why you should have one!

This activity asks your family to collectively decide on a family slogan or saying that has meaning for members of the “in-group” (family members) but that may not mean much to outsiders (non-family members). Similar to an inside joke, a family slogan or saying is a simple way for members to feel connectivity with other members: a set of words with a shared meaning among the group is a low-key reminder that members are part of a larger group and its shared, day-to-day realities.

Step 1

Work with your family to choose a slogan—let each member propose a line or phrase that has significance to the entire group.

Step 2

Create a painting with the slogan centered, then hang it somewhere prominent in your house where all members will see it on a regular basis.

Guiding questions

Sample questions for conversation while working through this process would go here, once the prototype project is fully fleshed out.

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